Our Story

Masterpiece – the art of fine living is an opinionated characterisation of the lifestyle of the top one per cent: people who enjoy the finest in life. It is designed for them, as well as for the people who aspire to the universe reserved for a few.

Though this magazine displays elegance and lavish luxury, we take consideration for our provenance to promote the theory of ‘holistic wealth’ from an African worldview, which holds that wealth only finds meaning it is employed to work for self and society.

Masterpiece is therefore more of a cause that your regular magazine. We delve beyond the easeel, canvass and gallery to entertain and enlighten our readers on what tasteful living should be.

At the functional level, you will find Masterpiece to be a handbook that is designed to vitalise the sophisticated cosmopolite with well-advised content that articulates the portrait of wealth and its joys, privileges and meaning.

While presenting an eclectic aggregation of human-interest stories that go beyond the subject of art as a visual discipline, we will attempt to take consideration for the whole gamut of the human experience of life. So, as we talk about ‘fine’ art, we will also talk about ‘fine’ dining. All in the same breath as ‘fine’ grooming, and so on…

This will empower the aesthete with a knowledge resource for the collection of lifestyle experiences and products, from well-crafted artisanal knickknacks to art and objects from masters and emerging talents.

In the early collections, we begin to feature content that covers Art, Fashion, Wristwatches, Jewellery and Accessories, Travel and Adventure, Wellness and Wellbeing, Wealth Management etc. Other content will include Wine, Cars, Gadgets, Technology, Real Estate, Fine Dining and a Gift Guide.

And because we know that you will receive Masterpiece as a running narrative on the good life as time and culture progresses, we will commit to update you with what wealth will mean even tomorrow. So that you know how your wealth today will live on, for you and your future.

Masterpiece – the art of fine living is a quarterly published in Nigeria by Alizarin Crimson Ltd.